Midlands Maintenance is your one stop shop for all of your residential and commercial power washing and pressure washing needs.

Power washing uses a steady flow of hot water to eliminate grime, dirt and debris from any surface.

Pressure washing is the same type of process; however, it can be performed with any water temperature necessary to complete the task and normally involves higher water pressure. 

Trust the Professionals

Many homeowners and business owners try DIY to remove stains on a home, building or structure of any type. However, just renting a power washer doesn't make you an expert and they often use too much pressure and end up with loose shingles or flashing on roofs which can lead to leaks. Others may pressure wash the exterior of a structure and displace the insulation or molding around doors and window which can lead to water leaks and inefficiencies in energy costs.

Stains can occur on any type of roof or building no matter the type of building materials. Our expert technicians are experienced in diagnosing stains in order to use only the force necessary to clean them, without causing any harm to the building or structure itself and with absolutely no harm to any vegetation in the area.

Red stains are generally caused by rusty metal while green stains can be caused by trees overhanging a structure and allowing mold to form on the building or home.

Algae, mold and fungal growth is a common item in this area due to the warm and humid summer months. Any type of tree debris can lead to stains on structures that can be unsightly and eventually cause the breakdown of building materials of any type.

Safety and Environmentally Friendly

Fortunately, our team uses only safe and environmentally friendly detergents in all stain removal processes to clean any type of surface from any sort of stains you may experience quickly and efficiently. 

We also offer soft wash cleaning by incorporating a special low-pressure nozzle on the end of a pressure washing wand or gun to disperse the pressure and protect your assets while cleaning them. This process works well for surfaces such as driveways, patios, decks, siding, fencing and roofs.

Residential and Commercial Services

We clean all residential surfaces as well as commercial surfaces for retail spaces. This includes drive thrus, storefronts, store entrances and entire buildings, as well as all industrial sites and cleaning in the trucking industry. 

If you have a surface that has stains or you just want it to appear as if brand new again, call us to make an appointment so we can show you why we are the premier service company within 120 mile radius of Arnold, MO.

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